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The Cosmopolitan | Purim 2024

The Cosmopolitan | Purim 2024

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Step into a realm of sophistication with "The Cosmopolitan" Purim arrangement, a captivating fusion of red, pink, and purple blooms. Featuring the bold allure of Red Cymbidium and Red Heart Roses alongside the vibrancy of Magenta Stock and Toffee Roses, this ensemble exudes opulence and passion. Burgundy Ranunculus adds depth to the palette, while Seeded Eucalyptus provides an elegant backdrop. The Nelly Rose weaves through, introducing a delightful charm. Paired with a luscious red wine, "The Cosmopolitan" is not just a floral masterpiece but a celebration of luxury, style, and festive revelry, making it the perfect centerpiece for your Purim joy.


The Cosmopolitan includes, red cymbidium, red heart rose, magenta stock, toffee rose, burgundy ranunculus, seeded eucalyptus, nelly rose, red wine.

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