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Purple Rain | Purim 2024

Purple Rain | Purim 2024

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Indulge in the vibrant cascade of hues with "Purple Rain" – a sensational Purim arrangement that embodies the beauty of hot pink and purple blooms. This enchanting ensemble features the graceful Nelly Rose and the exotic allure of Purple Cala Lilies, intertwining seamlessly with the delicate elegance of Orchids. The burst of color continues with the vivid tones of Stock, while the lush Purple Hydrangea adds a touch of opulence. Completing this symphony of shades, the Purple Ranunculus contributes a whimsical charm. "Purple Rain" is not just a floral arrangement; it's a celebration of joy, color, and the festive spirit of Purim. Let this vibrant masterpiece be the centerpiece of your celebration, where every petal tells a story of beauty, grace, and sheer delight.

Purple Rain includes, Nelly Rose, Purple Cala lilies, Orchids, Stock, Purple Hydrangea, Purple Ranunculus

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